“Liezel is a proven high value asset to MEEZA. She is methodical and yet creative, diligent and yet agile to complete projects. She has a winning attitude that embraces all challenges and encourages teamwork. Proven to be a leader with peer delegation, and manages executive deliverables to keep the business performing. As the executive’s focal point for business planning and performance management, she single handedly drove her team to meet every target deadline set over a three year period, rarely is this achieved.” ~ Scott E. MacKenzie – CEO, MEEZA / IT Director & Support Services Director, Qatar Foundation


Online Virtual Assistance

“Liezel is the person you need to sort out your executive office and make it run like a Swiss watch. She sees and takes into account all the subtle details to let you focus on your decision making. She will always be one step ahead of you.” ~ Jaouad Alkhaliki, Ph.D. – Bold Decision Maker and Global Strategist Technology Executive


“Liezel is an organised, focussed and driven individual. She tackles her work with dedication and has achieved great success in her field.  She is also very creative in her ideas, problem solving and thinking. 

One thing I admire most about Liezel is her ability to always be even keeled emotionally. Her mood and level of professionalism is maintained at all times, and never does she allow her state of mind to interfere with her work. Liezel’s creativity and dedication comes highly recommended.” ~ Sophia Lindop – Cookery Book Author, Food Photographer, Private Chef and Lover of Good Food and Vino